At Ashbury Dental Care we manufacture and fit a wide range of removable precision dental appliances, including; dentures, removable bridges, mouthguards (sports guards), orthodontic retainers and sleep appliances

 Not only does looking after these appliances correctly ensure they stay in the best condition and extend their life, it also helps to prevent infection and irritation of the mouth due to bacteria build up.

By following some simple care instructions you can ensure your custom-made precision dental appliance from Ashbury Dental Care stays in tip-top condition.

Simply select the type of appliance you have from the section below


Dental Appliance Care and Cleaning Information

Orthodontic Retainers

Orthodontic retainers come in many designs and are designed to hold your teeth in the position that your braces put them into. Looking after your retainers means you look after your straight new smile.

Care Instructions for Orthodontic Retainers

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Sleep Appliances

Sleep Appliances or Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS) are usually worn all night. This is when saliva flow is at its lowest, meaning poor care can quickly result in tooth and gum problems.

Care Instructions for Sleep Appliances

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Occlusal & Bite Splints

Occlusal or Bite Splints help to correct functional habits such as clenching and grinding. They may be made from a hard or soft material so care instructions vary depending on the type of guard.

Care Instructions for Occlusal and Bite Splints

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Plastic Dentures

Plastic dentures replace missing teeth but are easily broken and can quickly become covered in plaque (bacteria) if they are not looked after well. This can then lead to tooth decay and gum disease, causing further tooth loss.

Care Instructions for Plastic Dentures

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Metal Removable Bridges

Metal removable bridges provide a cost effective solution to replace missing teeth. They have a strong metal framework which is easy to clean but can be damaged by some commercial cleaning products.

Care Instructions for Metal Removable Bridges

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Sports Mouthguards

Sports guards or Mouthguards as they are sometimes known provide protection to your teeth during sport. Keeping them in tip-top condition is vital to ensuring they fit well and work properly.

Care Instructions for Sports Mouthguards

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