Ashbury Dental Care and NASA

Mission underway

Mission underway, we say in every dental chair available in the UK whilst chatting to the reps. Many though we were mad actually wanting to sit in the chair instead of look at fancy gadgets we could have attached to it.

After three days of research and hours of sitting in dental chairs we finally found what we consider to be the most comfortable dental chair in the world. Patients seem to agree with people often falling asleep in the chair during longer procedures.

The secret which makes our dental chairs so comfortable

The basis for this comfort comes from the ergonomic Scandinavian design and soft seamless medical grade artificial leather,  but beneath there lies a secret.

So what’s the secret that makes this the most comfortable dental chair on the market and one only about three other dental practices in Devon share with us.   That’s where NASA comes in and what could be more appropriate than to share this secret with you on the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11.

The secret and comfort comes from memory foam. Developed by NASA in the 1960’s for astronaut comfort, to distribute load and to make flight a more pleasant experience for astronauts.  What’s good for astronauts  comfort has to be good for patients, and whilst the temper memory foam fabric was quite an expensive optional extra, we did not give it a second thought when it came to patient comfort

Patient comfort our highest priority

As Ashbury Dental Care, patient comfort has always been at the forefront of our care and ensuring a patient feels comfortable, helps us to deliver the best dental care and has helped us build the outstanding reputation we have today.

Beginning the mission

When we began designing and building our practice in 2007 we looked at every detail and spent three days at the UK’s largest dental trade show (sad I know but we got very excited!) looking at the latest kit down to the finest detail.

Top of our shopping list was to find a dental chair that was so comfortable you could fall asleep in it. Difficult, as most dental chairs are designed with the dentist in mind.

Patient sleeping in dental chair

The technical bit

Memory foams secret lies in its open-cell solid structure that matches pressure against it, yet slowly springs back to its original shape. As it warms it moulds to our patients body supporting every curve, making lying in one of our dental chair one of the most comfortable experiences they have ever had.

See for yourself

If lying in the dental chair is usually an uncomfortable experience for you, why not come to see us and see for yourself what else makes us so different and how comfortable a visit to the dentist can be.

Countdown has begun

To celebrate the anniversary of Apollo 11 and Ashbury Dental Care’s 11th year in Budleigh Salterton, we’re giving away 11 half price new patient examinations over next 11 days, making it just under £35.00 . The countdown has begun. To join our practice and find out for yourself how NASA has helped us make our dental chairs so comfortable, just e-mail your details to – Be quick though we expect this offer to take off quickly.

The countdown has expired and you've missed this fantastic new patient offer.
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