Dental sedation - helping you overcome your fears of dental care


At Ashbury Dental Care close to the town of Exeter, we are proud of our reputation for providing friendly, gentle dental care with our patients at the heart of it, which is why we have grown from our humble beginning since 2008 to where we are today.

We understand though, that even with all the care and reassurance in the world, some patients need a little more help at the dentist. If you are one of these people then dental treatment under sedation may help you.

Dental sedation comes in many forms, but all use sedative drugs which make you feel relaxed, happy and a little sleepy during dental treatment.

Dental treatment with sedation

Dental treatment under sedation provides a safe, effective way to help you overcome your fears of dental treatment, which often stems from previous bad experiences of dental care. Patients with an increased gag reflex often struggle with dental treatment, making them anxious and treatment difficult. Dental sedation can help these patients overcome this, making treatment easier and more successful for them.
As a dental practice with a multi-disciplinary referral team and on-site laboratory, we are able to carry out most dental procedures under sedation. Where required, we have the luxury of combining expertise in several fields under one roof and bringing multiple clinicians from our team into one appointment. This allows them to concentrate on keeping you safely and effectively sedated, whilst others perform more complex treatment.

Dedicated sedation team

Our dedicated sedation team has years of experience in providing dental care using sedation and provides safe, effective care to patients both on self-referral and on referral from their own dental practitioners. Whilst may dental practices and dentists offer sedation, our sedation team do it on a daily basis working part-time in hospital including the RD&E and part-time with us. We are proud to have such amazing people as part of our dedicated referral team and to be reassured by the fact they are doing it all the time.

Where do I start and am I suitable

‘Am I suitable’ is a question we often get asked. Whilst in most cases the answer is ‘yes’, we don’t just assume this, much in the same way as you will see a team for a ‘pre-op’ assessment before you go into hospital for an operation. This is to ensure that you are treated safely and that you understand the procedures, risks/benefit and alternative options. Sedation for dental treatment is no different and begins with a thorough pre-operative assessment of both you and your teeth. This gives us the opportunity to listen to you, to get to know you, to discuss your options and most importantly for you to tell us your concerns and to ask us questions. Once the pre-operative assessment is complete and you are happy, our team will then arrange your appointment to begin treatment.

Relax, our highly expereinced and caring team are here to help

Whatever your previous experience of dental care or worries, our dental sedation team are here to help you. Why not join the 1000's of patients we have helped overcome their fear and anxieties of visiting the dentist and let us help you with your dental needs.