Feeling nervous? Relax - We're used to providing gentle dental care and putting you at ease.


We go to great lengths to make sure that your care here is gentle and comfortable, from using the latest equipment and materials to investing in a great team, chosen for their experience, care and passion for making patients feel at ease. However we understand that even with all the care and reassurance in the world, some people need a little more help at the dentist. If you are one of these people then dental sedation may  help you.

Dental sedation comes in many forms, using sedative drugs to provide sedation, which makes you feel relaxed, happy and a little sleepy during dental treatment.

Treatment under dental sedation provides a safe, effective way to help you overcome your fears of dental treatment, which often stems from previous bad experiences of dental care. Our dedicated dental sedation team has years of experience in providing dental care under sedation and provides care to patients both on self-referral and on referral from their own dental practitioners.

Relax, our highly expereinced and caring team are here to help

Whatever your previous experience of dental care, our dental sedation team are here to help you. Why not join the 1000's of patients we have helped overcome their fear and anxieties of visiting the dentist and let us help you with your dental needs.
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