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Thank you for your interest in referring a patient to us for dental treatment at Ashbury Referrals. After starting out as a small practice providing general dental care we have grown to where we are today, with a multidisciplinary team, each with extensive expertise in their field. We are pleased to be able to share our expertise and understand that entrusting the care of your patient to another practice for specific treatment is an important decision that allows you to provide the best care to your patients. Safe in the knowledge that you will have a happy patient returned to you for continuing care.

Quick and efficient referrals
We understand the pressures on your time and have made the referral process as simple as possible with quick and easy online referral possible in as little as two minutes. Once received we aim to acknowledge all referrals within 24 hours and in this time to have contacted the patient. Upon completion of the treatment we discharge the patient back to your care. We will never carry out other procedures or take a patient on for general dental care without discussing this with you. If you would prefer to call then please call our 24/7 dedicated referral line on 01395 441 388.

Effective tailored communication
We are happy to involve you as much or as little as possible with each referral. From simply referring a patient to us and receiving them back at the end of treatment to updates at every stage, the choice is yours, after all they are your patient.

Endodontic Referral Service


At Ashbury Referrals we love root canal treatment and can see your patient quickly and efficiently. We use the latest endodontic equipment including dental microscopes with live view and full HD capability.

Root Canal Treatment Referral

Whether it's a molar with complex canals or sclerosed or a tooth that you simply want a more specialist treatment on, we are here to help. Just click below and complete a few simple details and we will do the rest.
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Dental Implants

We are proud to have Dr Phil Bennett leading our dental implant team. Phil needs no introduction as one of Europe's leading implant surgeons and is pleased to accept referrals for dental implants from across Devon, the UK and abroad.

Dental Implant Referral Service

From single tooth implants to full mouth implants and dentures, we offer a quick and reliable dental implant referral service. Refer your patients today for consultation, placement or placement and restoration today.
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Ashbury Dental Referrals

Referral Promise

We aim to build long term working relationships and understand that referrals are built upon trust. We promise to see and care for your patients quickly and efficiently and to provide the highest standards of care, returning your patients to you after the requetsed treatment.

Thank you

Thank you for choosing Ashbury Referrals and for entrusting the care of your patients to us.
Dental Sedation Icon

Dental Sedation

Our dental sedation team perform sedation almost on a daily basis and quickly put patients at ease. Referral for sedation is quick and simple, we are able to carry out most forms of general and specialised dental treatment under sedation

Dental Sedation

Sedation provides a great way to help a nervous patient relax and can make treatment of patients with an increased gag reflex easier and more comfortable for them. Our main form of sedation is IV sedation.
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Denture Referrals

Denture & Prosthetics

With our own on-site dental laboratory, dual qualified dentist / dental technician and clinical dental technician all under one roof. We can handle those tricky denture patients.

Denture & Prosthetics Referral

Whether it's a CoCr denture, complete upper and lower dentures or dentures on implants, telescopic crowns, precision attachments or magnets we can help. Refer quickly and easily, in a few simple steps.
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Denture Reapair icon

Denture Repairs

Did you know we can carry out denture repairs in around an hour for your patients. Just call 01395 441 383 and speak to our laboratory team or get them to give us a call and consider it done.

Book a denture repair today

Give our laboratory a call on 01395 441 383, drop us an e-mail or complete our online form using the link below.
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Why choose Ashbury Referrals

  • We will respond to a referral within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) so you can have confidence your patient will be seen quickly and efficiently
  • We always promptly return your patient to your practice as soon as their referred treatment has been completed.
  • Where care requires a multi-disciplinary approach we will involve you and your patient in the decision-making process
  • We will provide your patient with the highest quality dental treatment carried out by our dental experts
  • We will keep you informed throughout the referral process; with as much or as little information as you want
  • We aim to build a long term working relationship with you built on trust and goodwill.