Denture choices

There are a number of denture options, from conventional dentures, immediate full dentures to a partial dentures. Contact us to make an appointment to see which is the most suitable for you.

Complete dentures

Set of full dentures

A conventional full denture is used to replace all of your teeth. It relies on the bone and overlying gums to support them. Over time the gums and bone shrinks back, often meaning that the full dentures can become loose.

Full dentures are held in place by the fit and suction of the denture against the gums.

For many people without any teeth in either the top or bottom of the mouth, a complete denture provides a good solution.

Partial dentures

partial denture
A partial denture or removable bridge as they are also known rests on a metal framework that attaches to your natural teeth. Sometimes crowns are placed on some of your natural teeth and serve as anchors for the denture. Partial dentures offer a removable alternative to bridges and are a stable and cost effective alternative to dental implants.

Implant retained dentures

Implant stabilised denture

This is a denture that is attached to the mouth, via implants, that are placed into your mouth. In some cases it can take as little as two implants to stabilise a denture An implant acts like an artificial tooth root and provides an anchoring point to which a denture is attached. This type of denture works really well with patients who are worried about loose or ill fitting dentures.

Denture implants will not move because they are physically attached to the jaw and not held in by suction. This gives the wearer more confidence and happiness as a result.

What are Dentures?
Dentures are replacements for missing teeth that can be taken out and put back into your mouth. While dentures take some getting used to, and will never feel exactly the same as one’s natural teeth, today’s dentures are natural looking and more comfortable than ever.
There are two main types of dentures: full and partial. Your dentist will help you choose the type of denture that’s best for you based on whether some or all of your teeth are going to be replaced and the cost involved.
How do Dentures Work?
With full dentures, a flesh-colored acrylic base fits over your gums. The base of the upper denture covers the palate (the roof of your mouth), while that of the lower denture is shaped like a horseshoe to accommodate your tongue.
Dentures are custom-made in a dental laboratory from impressions taken of your mouth. Your dentist will determine which of the three types of dentures described is best for you.

If you have a broken denture or interested in a denture service please click here to see our denture clinic page 

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