Your safety and that of our team has always been one of our top priorities and although Coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed the way we do things, we’re still here to provide you with safe, effective care.

When Coronavirus first came into the spotlight in March 2020 we began by reviewing every bit of research we could. At this time there was very little info on Covid-19, but we knew it could be spread through aerosols, which dentistry generates a lot of!

We assumed it was highly contagious/serious and used Legionella as our model (which there’s loads of research on). We then modelled a protocol and structure based on the negative pressure systems you find in hospital operating theatres. With direct access from outside into and out of the surgery. Sadly this meant the loss of some of the personal touches our patients took for granted, such as seeing our amazing and smiley reception team or taking a seat in the lounge by the log fire with a freshly ground coffee.

With the number of people vaccinated and boosters increasing, there is hope for the 2022, but with rising case numbers and mutating strains, these will continue to provide us with challenges. We are therefore reviewing our procedures and protocols on a regular basis to ensure we balance your and our teams safety, with the personal and friendly service we had become known for.

Here are just a few of the things we’ve doing to keep you safe – Mouse over to find out more.

One way system

A one way system through our practice to reduce contact.
For those that would prefer even less contact, you can still enter and exit every surgery from outside.

Patient Screening

We screen all of our patients prior to their appointment to reduce their risk and risk to others.
Our thorough pre-appointment screening process helps us ensure we keep you safe, protect other patients and ensure the safety of our team

Contactless Payments

The way we take payments has changed so all payments are now contactless
We've re-thought the whole payment process with a choice of contactless payment options including pay by link 24/7, card and BACS payments.

Increased PPE

For aerosol generating procedures (AGP) you'll notice increased levels of PPE.
You'll probably notice when you come to see us that our PPE looks a little over the top. Better to be safe than sorry!

Check in and relax

Check in is now contactless, with a pager system to call you for your appointment.
When we;re ready for you we'll activate your pager. You can then come straight into the surgery from the fresh air outside.

Team Screening

All of our team are tested regularly to ensure your safety.
Every team member completes a daily online risk assessment and screening process. We also screen all of our team regularly with accredited immunoassay tests

Direct Access Into Surgery

We've re-designed our practice so you now come straight into each surgery from outside
Fresh air is something we have plenty of in Budleigh, so what could be safer than entering and exiting the surgery directly into fresh air

Negative Pressure Ventilation

Our negative pressure ventilation system exceeds the minimum recommended ventilation by over 30x
Clean air is the key to safety and what better way to do this than with fresh air. Our newly installed mechanical ventilation system creates a negative pressure in the room, which literally pulls in clean fresh air at over 7000m3 per hour.

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JPCE-Mail - July 2020
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Just to say how impressed we both are with the treatment we have both received in the last few days. Your whole team have gone the extra mile to provide a safe environment in your surgery. Your standard of covid security is high. The instructions given before an appointment and on arrival were easy to follow. No chance of bumping into anyone accidentally. The hygiene precautions are first class, Your care and safety of patients and staff is obviously a high priority for you. Staff friendly, reassuring and welcoming. Well done all of you in these extremely difficult circumstances , you of all professionals are at high risk given the job you have to do.
Clare Suttie
Clare SuttieGoogle Review - September 2020
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We've been happy customers for a few years now, but recently was even more impressed by the care and attention given to my 12 year old during a visit under COVID 19 restrictions. Maurice and Tilly could not have been more patient, explaining everything to my anxious and nervous daughter and keeping her calm - Tilly even held her hand. We really appreciated this, a real human touch even though they are all wrapped up in PPE kit and have such stringent measures in place. Can't recommend them enough! Well done all of you in these extremely difficult circumstances , you of all professionals are at high risk given the job you have to do.
SRPatient comments - December 2020
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I was nervous about coming to the dentist with all that is going on with Coronavirus. The precautions you are taking must have taken some organising and are very impressive. I feel very safe and grateful for all you are doing to help us continue to get the dental care we need.
Geoff BucklandGoogle Review - June 2020
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I contacted the dental lab on a Saturday, the response was first class and they repaired my denture within a couple of hours. Considering this was during the Covid - 19 pandemic I cannot speak highly enough with regards to the response and to the precautions taken to protect everybody involved.
DHPatient comments - August 2020
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This has to be one of the safest places on the planet right now. I can't believe the precautions they are taking.