A metal removable bridge is a precise dental appliance which has been custom-made for you from impressions and a model of your teeth.

Your metal removable bridge should be treated in much the same way as your natural teeth and requires cleaning at least twice a day to remove food and plaque; at minimum after breakfast and last thing at night before bed.

Metal Removable Bridge Care Instructions

Holding your metal removable bridge gently in one hand use medium toothbrush or specially designed brush to clean the surfaces with cold water and a small amount of plain unscented soap. 

A small amount of toothpaste can be used occasionally on the metal framework  but be careful using this on the plastic as this can scratch the plastic gum work and teeth.

When cleaning your metal removable bridge clean it over a sink of water, so that if you drop it this minimizes the chance or breakage or distortion of the metal framework or clasps.

If there is a build up of deposits on your metal removable bridge, you can soak it for up to 15 minutes in cold vinegar or lemon juice, before gently brushing them away and rinsing under cold running water. Always check your bridge every 5 minutes when in the solution to ensure you are not causing any damage.

At lunchtime or after any food in between brushing, remove your bridge and rinse it under cold running water. It is also a good idea to rinse out your mouth with water or alcohol free fluoride mouthwash to remove food debris from around your natural teeth.

When your removable bridge is not in your mouth, always store it in the box provided, but never let it dry out as this can cause distortion of the high tech polymer which is used for the teeth and gums. If you are storing it for longer than 12 hours we suggest placing it in a sealed bag with a small amount of water or placing a damp tissue/gauze over it in the box.

Do not use bleach products or hot water to clean your metal removable bridge. There are some specialist cleaners available for removable bridges and dentures, always follow the manufacturers instructions.

Never clean your removable bridge in the dishwasher.

Always remove your metal removable bridge at night, this allows the gums and teeth time to rest and gives your body’s natural defence (saliva) chance to work.

Finally  –  Keep away from pets, especially dogs  who seem to love to chew them!

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