Feeling nervous? Relax – We’re used to providing gentle dental care and putting you at ease.

If you’re nervous of visiting the dentist then you’re not alone, in fact we reckon that around 80% of people are nervous of visiting the dentist and would class themselves as a ‘nervous patient’. This is often due to a previous bad experience which makes them nervous, meaning that even walking through the door can be a challenge. Whatever makes you a nervous patient, we’re here to help you overcome your fear, anxieties and concerns.

We pride ourselves in delivering the kindest patient journey from the moment you step inside the door, from the cosy patient lounge designed to make you feel at home, to our dental chairs which were specifically chosen for patient comfort. There’s also the little things that you may not even notice, such as the secret blend of essential oils we use to make the practice smell less like a dental practice.

Our patient journey and treatment philosophy is based around you, taking every part one step at a time, with you totally in control.

Our team have all been chosen for their experience, care and passion for making people feel at ease, but if TLC is not enough, then we also offer dental sedation, carried out by our dedicated dental sedation referral team who carry out sedation on a daily basis.

Relaxing Environment

Relaxing is not a word that you normally associate with visiting the dentist. However, at Ashbury Dental Care our practice was purpose built and designed around you with a cosy patient lounge away from the clinical and reception areas. With a warm open fire in the winter, hot drinks and the latest magazines it will make you feel at ease and less nervous even before your appointment.

nervous patients

Caring Dentists

Our team of dentists are calm and experienced. They are used to dealing with nervous patients, putting them at ease and helping them to overcome their fears whilst addressing their dental problems. We are one of the few practices in Devon that offer an in house intravenous sedation service, which is carried out by the team from the RD&E hospital who use sedation on a daily basis.

Dentist talking with patient about treatment options

Friendly Staff

We have a great team who are here to help you and are used to dealing with nervous patients on a daily basis. We're not here to judge you, we're here simply to help you overcome your nerves and to sort out your dental problems with a caring and gentle approach. Whether it's just TLC or dental sedation you require we can help you.

comfortable dental chairs for nervous patients


When designing our practice one of the first things we thought of was the comfort of our dental chairs. We sat in almost every dental chair on the market for at least half an hour to find the most comfortable one. Thankfully our patients agree, and we're sure you will too. Of course, we also have the latest state-of-the-art equipment as well to enable us to deliver the most gentle and comfortable dentistry possible.

Time for nervous patientts


Time is one thing we can give you plenty of to make you feel at ease and never rushed. We take things at your pace and spend the time to get to know you, what worries you and how we can help you. We have a wide range of appointment times from early mornings to late nights so that you can come at a time of day when you feel less nervous.

No waiting lists

There's nothing worse than waiting, which is why we aim to see you as soon as possible for initial consultation and to carry out treatment quickly after this, usually within 14 days.

We reserve around an hour each day to deal with dental emergencies, which is prioritised for our registered patients, but if it's not booked on the day we're happy to see non-registered patients.

We always want to help you in any way possible

Our caring, gentle approach and purpose built practice speaks for itself with our reviews and referrals. If you are a nervous patient why not get in touch today, book and appointment and find out how we can help you.