Thank you for choosing Ashbury Dental Care and for getting ready for your new patient examination appointment.

Taking the time to download and complete your medical history form before your appointment, means less time for you filling in forms when you arrive. Where you also take medication if gives you time to look this up and make sure names and doses are correct, in order to ensure we treat you safely.

Just click on the link below, this will take a moment or two to download and then depending on your computer settings it may open automatically as a PDF or have saved itself into your downloads folder.

Your new patient questionnaire

Now that you have downloaded your medical history form it would really help us if you could spend a few moments completing our new patient questionnaire. as it will mean we can spend more time with you clinically as opposed to completing forms with you. If you have not got time to do this now you can always visit this page again before your appointment.  Just click here to complete your new patient questionnaire

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