Saturday Dental Hygiene Appointments

Looking to see a dental hygienist on a Saturday? We understand that not everyone can visit a dental hygienist during the week, which is why we offer Saturday dental hygiene appointments. Whether it’s stain build up from food and drink, bleeding gums or bad breath, our teeth and gums need a little professional help from time to time, including on a Saturday! We all lead busy lives and are all guilty of neglecting our dental hygiene and teeth because of lack of time.

At Ashbury Dental Care we understand time is precious and have a great team of Dental Hygienists who work on Saturdays and are dedicated to helping you to achieve a healthier mouth, healthier gums and cleaner, whiter teeth.

We offer dental hygiene appointments on a wide variety of days including Saturdays as we understand that not everyone is able to visit a dental hygienist during the week. Our Saturday dental hygiene appointments are usually very popular with people who work, allowing them to see a dental hygienist over the weekend without taking time off work. Whether it’s a one off Saturday dental hygiene appointment or a regular 6 monthly spruce up, we’re here to help you.

Book your Saturday dental hygiene appointment today

Book your Saturday dental hygiene appointment with one of our dental hygienists today, just give us a call or book online and save 25% off your first appointment*, just click here to book online and enter ref SATHYG25.     *Only available on Saturday dental hygiene appointments booked online.