Stage 1

Have an informal chat to one of our team about dental implants.
Want to know more about dental implants. This is an opportunity for you to come in and have a chat with one of the implant team and ask any questions you may have. This does not include a clinical examination or treatment plan but will allow you to talk to someone about the options, alternatives and approximate costs.

Stage 2

Initial consultation - examination
At this stage we perform a full and detailed clinical examination and will take any necessary x-rays to allow us to provide you with an initial treatment plan and costs. In some cases further tests (such as a CT scan) are required to give the complete picture and allow us to safely plan the implants.

Stage 3

Implant placement
The implant(s) are placed under local anesthetic under carefully controlled conditions by a highly skilled implant surgeon, in some cases where there is not enough bone this stage may be proceeded by some guided bone regeneration or in the top jaw an intricate procedure called a sinus lift carried out. After implant placement stitches are normally placed and the area allowed to heal. During this stage a softer diet is recommended and we would generally advise avoiding social engagements for a few days after implant placement in case of any swelling or bruising.

Stage 4

Implant exposure
Implants are checked to make sure they have osseo-integrated and are 'exposed' and a small healing cap is placed on top of the implant to allow the gum to heal around it and form the shape for the final gum. Impressions are taken at this stage to send to the laboratory for the final restoration. Sometimes at this stage sutures (stitches) are placed and the gum allowed to heal.

Stage 5

To enable the final restoration (crown, bridge or implant supported denture) to be constructed impressions are taken using a highly accurate impression material. This is the a crucial phase of the process as this is the part of the treatment that you will see. Our team is quite unique as it has two fully qualified dental technicians in house who work as part of our implant team, meaning closer communication and a better end result.

Stage 6

Fitting the final restoration
Once the laboratory work is completed the final restoration is ready to fit, although in some cases with large or complex laboratory work we may see you for a try-in stage to ensure the fit of the work is perfect and that you are happy with the look of it. Depending on the type of restoration (fixed or removable) it is then fitted using screws/adhesive or special attachments called precision attachments in the case of a removable solution.

Stage 7 - Final

Review and maintenance
Once your implant supported teeth are fitted you may be seen for a review appointment by our implant team to check everything is ok. Whilst this is not always required in simple cases, we do like to check that everything is ok. After care and maintenance of your implant supported teeth is essential, this is a combination of what you do at home (your daily oral hygiene) and regular visits to your dentist and dental hygienist. In complex cases our implant team usually recommend seeing them once a year to check everything is ok, where as in simple cases with perhaps just one dental implant own dentist will be able to check this as part of your normal examinations.