If visiting the dentist was not challenging enough for many people, the addition of Coronavirus has made this even more difficult. We’re here to help you from one off appointments to sort out a problem, to gentle and caring long term care.

Increased capacity

At Ashbury Dental Care we’ve been working hard to increase our capacity to deal with both urgent problems and preventative routine dental care. We’re now working longer hours and have increased our team to cope with demand.

Your safety is our priority

As soon as lockdown began we began to look at ways we could work safely, whilst maintaining our high standards of care. To find out more about how we can treat you safely and how we’re protecting our team click here.

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Today we’re pleased to have cleared the backlog and are now able to offer all procedures to both registered and non-registered patients. Request and appointment today, quickly and easily 24/7 using our simple online service by clicking here.

Book an appointment for a dental problem

Toothache, broken tooth, abscess or lost fillings. Our friendly, caring team are here to help solve your dental problems and emergencies.

We're here to help you

With prompt appointments, easy on site parking, clear pricing, state-of-the-art equipment and an outstanding caring team we can help you.
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Book an appointment for routine dental care

Routine dental care including regular thorough examinations and dental hygiene appointments help prevent problems.

Struggling to see a dentist?

If you're struggling to see a dentist for your regular dental check-ups or dental hygiene appointments we can help you maintain your oral health. You'll probably wonder why you didn't come to us years ago!
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