Why choose ClearCorrect?

Here at Ashbury Dental Care we use ClearCorrect® which is a clear aligner system that is discreet and removable.

ClearCorrect® aligners are the expert’s choice and are custom-made just for you. Providing you with cutting-edge innovation, technology, and the doctor-developed products you deserve. ClearCorrect brings you a unique, personalised orthodontic experience that is discreet, fast, and comfortable.

  • A better teeth straightening method
  • Virtually invisible with little day to day impact
  • Removable to allow for good hygiene and cleanliness
  • Precisely planned, you see exactly how your future smile will look
  • Tailor made by skilled technicians, the aligners give you maximum comfort
  • A cost effective solution – better value than similar on the market
  • A reliable way of giving you aesthetic results you can depend on, bringing your smile to life!
  • Great customer service.

See the ClearCorrect results

We are proud to partner with ClearCorrect. Over half a million patients like you have straightened their teeth with ClearCorrect, the comfortable and invisible brace system. Check out their case gallery to get a better idea of what results we can achieve for you.

ClearCorrect –

the smarter way to straighten your teeth

ClearCorrect Packages

If you want straighter teeth then we can offer this treatment to you in a range of different packages.

Bronze package


Simple cases involving 3 aligners

Silver package


Mild cases involving 4-6 aligners

Gold package


Moderate cases involving 7-9 aligners

Platinum package


Supreme cases involving 10 + aligners

Above ClearCorrect costs are per arch and are provided as a guide only.

How do I get the treatment started?
You will need to come in for an ortho consultation, this appointment is a chance for the dentist to assess your teeth and to find out what result you would like. The dentist also needs to see that your the right candidate for aligners.
Your medical and dental history would be discussed and then study models will be taken, alongside photographs and a shade guide.
What are the steps involved?
There are 3 clear steps to ClearCorrect


Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth.

These methods are painless and take a couple of minutes.

We’ll use these to plan your case and make sure you’re suitable for ClearCorrect treatment.


The technicians will carefully plan how to achieve your best smile, and you’ll get to see what the clear braces can achieve before committing.

A pre-aligner – a passive brace – will be sent to your dentist. This is for you to check that our slim-line braces are the right treatment for you. You can check how they feel, how easy it is to remove them and how simple it is to keep up with your oral hygiene before you decide to go ahead with treatment.

When you’re happy, your dentist will order your custom-made aligners for your treatment.


Your dentist will monitor your treatment as you progress through the aligners.

At the end of treatment, you should use a retainer to keep your teeth in their new position.

Your dentist can advise further on this – recommending fixed or removable.

It’s that simple!!

We offer payment plans – please click here