Our denture clinic combines outstanding clinical expertise with our own on site dental laboratory.

The Denture Clinic at Ashbury Dental Care brings together dentists, dual qualified dental technicians and clinical dental technicians with years of experience to provide the ultimate denture service under one roof. We are one of a few practices in the UK that combines this clinical knowledge with our own in-house laboratory, allowing us to create natural looking and beautifully functioning dentures which can be truly life changing.

Perhaps you’re a denture wearer of many years looking for a new set of dentures, or someone with missing teeth looking to explore your options. From new dentures to a denture repair, our team are here to help you, to listen to your needs and to provide you with the best denture solutions.

We pride ourselves on the time we take with patients to assess, plan, discuss and carry out treatment. Our fees for our denture services reflect the time and expertise involved and allow us to use high quality materials and equipment.

All of our patients are provided with written treatment plans following their initial consultation appointment. This details your options, costs and timescales involved in each individual case.

Our services include:

Full clinical assessments for denture wearers
New complete dentures
New partial dentures
Metal Framed and Acrylic Dentures
Immediate Dentures
Denture repairs whilst you wait.
Addition of teeth to dentures
Denture cleaning and advice

new dentures

Need new dentures?

There are a number of denture options, from conventional dentures, immediate full dentures to a partial dentures.

dental fix dentures

Broken denture?

If your denture has broken read our quick tips and give us a call. We can repair a denture in around an hour

Loose Denture Solutions

Loose Dentures?

Loose dentures can make eating and speaking with confidence difficult, not to mention painful at times.

We can do express 1 hour repairs!

‘we collected a patients broken denture from her house, repaired it and returned it to her just in time for lunch’