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A guide to our professional fees and dental treatment prices.

At Ashbury Dental Care we pride ourselves on the time we take with patients to assess, plan, discuss and carry out treatment. The fees for our services reflect the time and expertise involved and allow us to use high quality materials and equipment. The same materials and equipment we use for our friends, family, team and colleagues who we provide treatment and referral services for.

Our fees allow us to:

  • Use the best and latest materials on the market
  • Continually invest in the latest and most comfortable equipment for our patients
  • Invest in our team and staff training to continue to provide you with outstanding care
  • To pay for our purpose built practice, on-site laboratory facilities and the costs of running it.

Our fees

New patient examination – £69.95

For new patients or those we have not seen for a routine examination over 36 months

Regular examination – £45.00

Intermittent exam – £61.00
If you haven’t seen us for a routine examination for over 15 months

Short consultation and review – £29.00

Registered unplanned consultation – £52.00 + cost of treatment

Non-registered emergency appointment – £100 + cost of treatment

Out of hours emergency appointment – £191.00 (including temporary fillings and x-rays if needed)

Domiciliary visit – £47 (does not include treatment)

X-rays – Small £9 each – Medium £20 each – Bitewings £13 – OPG £49

*please note that all new patients will need to make a £25 deposit payment before their appointment*

New child exam 6-18 years old – £34.97

Children’s exam under 6 – Free with a registered parent

Children’s exam 6-18 years old – £22.50 with a registered paren

Express denture repair – within the hour – From £50.00

24-hour denture repairs – From £40.00

Overnight denture repair – From £35.00

New complete acrylic denture per jaw – From £897

Metal based removable bridge (partial denture) per jaw – From £1030

Denture tooth addition – From £88.00

Clasp addition – From £74.00

Temporary partial denture – From £200.00

Initial home visits for denture treatment assessment- From £45.00

If you would like a tooth or clasp addition within 24 hours please note there will be a £37.50 additional charge.
Pick up and delivery service is available from £10 per trip.5

Take home whitening – £399
This price includes the impression taking, fit and review appointments.
Whitening trays can be made the very next day!

*Please note that if you are not registered with us who will need to have a new patient consultation prior to this appointment.*

Dental Hygiene Charges for Registered Regular Patients
First hygiene visit for new registered patients after assessment with a dentist

Initial routine hygiene appointment – £95.00
Initial simple hygiene appointment – £70.00

General ongoing dental hygiene appointments
Routine hygiene – £65.00
Simple hygiene – £45.00

Direct access hygiene:
For patients not registered and who do not see us for their regular dental care.

Initial Assessment & Hygiene Appointment £105.00
Routine hygiene appointment: £75.00
Simple hygiene appointment – £55.00

Please be aware that on your first visit you will need to come in before to fill in a medical history and direct access paperwork.

Periodontal (gum) treatment and more specialised gum treatments are tailored to each individual patient depending on individual needs. A quotation for periodontal treatment will be given after case assessment.


White fillings – From £62.00

White crowns – From £500

Bridges – From £305.00 per unit

Veneers – From £500

Dentures – From £245.00

Simple Extraction – £76.00

Surgical Extraction – From £220.00

Root canal therapy – From £258.00
With GDP – Please see our ‘Referral Services Section’ for more detailed pricing on advanced root canal treatment

Referral And Advanced Services

Root Canal Treatment – Upon Referral with Claire Jordan
Consultation and discussion – £55
Full assessment and treatment plan and report (includes all x-rays) – £95

Incisor Root Canal Treatment – £517.00
Pre-Molar Root Canal Treatment – £638.00
Molar Root Canal Treatment – £748.00

Re-Root Canal Treatment including removal of old root filling – Add £150

Post removal, apicectomy, surgical endodontics and other services quoted upon individual basis

Dental Implants & Complex Dental Implant Work – With Phil Bennett

Initial Consultation – £95

Second consultation if recommended – £150
This includes study models and a thorough assessment. This will be refunded from the final implant cost if patient goes ahead with the treatment. 

Single tooth implant from £3100, fully restored including minor bone grafting, membranes, implant and implant crown.

More complex cases including full mouth implants, all on 4, same day teeth, denture stabilisation, sinus lifts and other work quoted on an individual case basis after full clinical assessement.

Smilelign tooth straightening (per arch)

Consultation – £95

Bronze – £1000 – Simple cases involving 3 aligners

Silver – £1500 – Cases involving around 4-6 aligners

Gold – £2000 – Cases involving 7-9 aligners

Platinum – £2500 – This would be cases involving 10+ aligners

*For the gold and platinum plan a complimentary tooth whitening system will be given at the end of treatment*
**Please see below for payment schemes**

Click here for Dental plans

Consultation – £95
Including x-rays if needed

Second consultation if recommended – £150
This includes study models and a thorough assessment. This will be refunded from the final implant cost if patient goes ahead with the treatment. 

Single implant – From £3100
Fully restored with abutment and crown

More complex implant restorations will be quoted for on an individual basis.

Consultation – £95

IV sedation per hour – £200


Panoral x-ray – £15

Prescribed antibiotics – £9.00

Fissure sealants – £29


Fluoride application – £19

Sports gum shields – £70

Nightguard – £90

For large treatment plans we can offer payment schemes where a deposit is taken and payment is spread out throughout the course of treatment. Please speak to reception to find out more.

The demand for appointments at our practice is high and in order to ensure that we keep waiting times as short as possible and maximise our clinical time, we ask that you give 2 working days’ notice if you are unable to attend.

A charge will be made for appointments missed, cancelled or moved at less than 2 working days’ notice.

(View cancellation policy )

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