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A guide to our professional fees and dental treatment prices.

At Ashbury Dental Care we pride ourselves on the time we take with patients to assess, plan, discuss and carry out treatment. The fees for our services reflect the time and expertise involved and allow us to use high quality materials and equipment. The same materials and equipment we use for our friends, family, team and colleagues who we provide treatment and referral services for.

Our fees allow us to:

  • Use the best and latest materials on the market
  • Continually invest in the latest and most comfortable equipment for our patients
  • Invest in our team and staff training to continue to provide you with outstanding care
  • To pay for our purpose built practice, on-site laboratory facilities and the costs of running it.
  • To ensure we treat you with the utmost safety and caution

A guide to our professional fees

The prices listed here for treatment are currently being updated and reflect our 2019 prices. We have experienced massive increases in our overheads during the Coronavirus Pandemic. This has included PPE which has risen by 1139% in the case of some items. We are therefore reviewing our current prices to ensure we cover these increased costs, whilst trying to minimise any rises and be fair to patients.

We offer a range of examination and consultation appointments to allow us to thoroughly examine you, to discuss options, plan treatment and to provide you with a detailed treatment plan.

New Patient or Detailed Examination
For new patients (or those we have not seen in over 36 months) we offer a full new patient assessment which includes a detailed examination on the gums, soft tissues and teeth. We ask that patients allow around an hour for this appointment. The cost of this appointment is £95* and includes registration with our practice, any necessary screening x-rays, oral cancer screening, oral health assessment and a bespoke treatment plan. Please note that a new patient examination or detailed examination does not include treatment on the day.    *Appointment with one of the associate team

Regular Routine Examination
After examination, we will recommend how often we  need to see you for regular screening based on many risk factors to help you prevent problems and maintain a healthy mouth – The cost of this appointment including oral cancer, gum and teeth check is £50.00

Intermittent Routine Examination
If we have not seen you for over 15 months there is a greater chance that there will be problems, and we will therefore need more time to examine you and to discuss findings with you. The cost of this appointment is £80.00

Short Consultation (Regular Registered Patients)
We appreciate problems can happen in between your regular routine examination appointments and you may need us to have quick look at something. Our short consultation appointment is charged at just £34. No treatment time is included in this appointment.

For emergency dental care for both regular registered patient and irregular or non-registered patients please see the Emergency or Unplanned Care tab on the left.

We are here to help you when the unexpected happens and aim to see all our registered regular patients with a problem on the day or certainly within one working day of contacting us. We’re also happy to help those who we have not seen for a while our who are not registered with us.

Short Consultation (Regular Registered Patients)
We appreciate problems can happen in between your regular routine examination appointments and you may need us to have quick look at something. Our short consultation appointment allows us to have a quick look at a problem and is charged at just £34.  Please note that no treatment time is included in this appointment.

Unplanned Consultation and Treatment Appointment (Regular Registered Patients)
Sometimes something happens between your regular routine examination appointments which needs urgent review and treatment and the same time. Each day we allow around an hour of our clinical time to deal with these situations
to allow us to examine you, discuss the problem and provide treatment to stabilise or in many cases provide the permanent treatment at the same time. The cost of this appointment including x-rays, temporary fillings and any
necessary temporary treatment is £118. Permanent treatment is at an additional cost and once we have examined you we will run through all of the options.

Unplanned Consultation and Treatment Appointment (Non-Registered or Irregular Patients)
As a patient we do not see regularly or someone we have not seen before, the chances of problems, the complexity of the problems and the time required to deal with these is usually much greater. This appointment aims to allow us time to assess the problem, deal with the problem (or at least stabilise things and get you out of pain) and discuss your longer term options. The cost of this appointment is £185 which includes consultation, x-rays and all temporary treatment. If there is time and after discussion you opt to have permanent treatment carried out this will be charged in addition to this cost.

Out of Hours Consultations and Appointments
Sometimes things happen when you least expect it and often at the most inconvenient time. For our regular registered patients (those we have seen for routine examination in the last 15 months) we offer a free out of hours consultation service.

For irregular or non-registered patients we offer a pay per use out of hours consultation service and access to our free triage portal.

Where treatment or face to face consultation is required out of hours, this is charged at £285 of the first hour and covers all temporary treatment including any x-rays we need to take.

Children are our future and a healthy mouth not only means happy children, but the confidence to smile and live life to the full.

Dental decay and gum disease are both completely preventable diseases. Our approach to childrens dental care starts at an early age, focusing on building trust and preventing problems by working in partnership with parents and children. We work closely with local schools providing free dental education, interactive lessons and support material to raise awareness and help prevent problems.

Where treatment is required to get children dentally stable we have a great team who are used to working with children

At present, we are not taking on any more children to our list. However if you would like to join our practice please click on the ‘Make an appointment’ tab at the bottom of the page to request an appointment giving as much detail as possible.

Examinations for children 0-6 are free of charge and for 6-18 are charged at half the adult cost provided appointments are booked at the same time as parents appointments.

New child examination appointments are charged at £47.50

We’re as unique as you are
We’re pretty unique in having a great deal of expertise in dentures under one roof. We have a dentist who is dual qualified with first class honours as a dental technician and dental surgeon, along with a clinical dental technician (CDT) with over 20 years experience as a dental technician and CDT qualification through the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in London.

This coupled with our own on-site laboratory facilities means we are able to deal with cases in house, accepting both self-referrals and referrals from other dental practice for dentures and denture problems.

We can help you with most denture issues from a simple denture repair to a complete mouth rehabilitation with removable prosthesis (dentures) or even implant stabilised dentures. We accept both self referrals and referrals from other dental practitioners for denture issues.

New Denture or Denture Problem Consultation – Edentoulous – (You have none of your own teeth)
Your journey to new dentures or to sorting out the denture problem, starts with a detailed consultation with our Clinical Dental Technician and nursing team, where we will look at every aspect your mouth, current dentures and the problem(s) you are experiencing. The cost of this appointment is £180 and includes clinical examination, any necessary diagnostic impression and models and follow-up appointment if required to run through your treatment options.

New Denture or Denture Problem Consultation – Dentate – (You have one or more of your own teeth)
As someone with one or more of your own teeth (or remains of teeth) you are classified as ‘dentate’ which simple means that you have some teeth. As you have one or more of your own teeth we are legally obliged to ensure you have seen a dentist or dental surgeon for a thorough assessment. They will then provide a prescription for the dental technician or CDT to work under. Whilst this may seem like unnecessary bureaucracy it is really important to identify any problems, especially if we are going to rely on teeth and gums to stabilise a denture. This appointment of around an hour is a joint clinic with both a dental surgeon and clinical dental technician. By beginning with a joint approach we ensure that we have a multidisciplinary input from day one. The cost of this joint consultation is £280

Missing Teeth Consultation
For patients with missing teeth dentures are not necessarily your only option and exploring all of your options after a detailed clinical examination is the starting point for your care. This appointment allows us to fully assess the mouth including the soft tissues, gums and teeth and includes any necessary x-rays. The cost of this appointment is £185

Short Denture Consultation
For patients with a single denture problem where you are looking to keep your existing denture or where impressions are required in order to perform a denture repair we offer a short denture consultation to look at the specific problem. The cost of this appointment is £95

Denture Repairs and Additions
Express denture repair in around an hour – From £60
Same day denture repairs – From £40.00 (provided dropped off before 11am and pre-booked)
Budget denture repairs – From £35.00 (Repaired by the end of the next working day, subject to availability)
Denture tooth addition – From £88.00
Clasp addition – From £74.00

New Dentures
Your mouth is as unique as your fingerprint and with a wide range of materials and options it is impossible to give an accurate price without examining you thoroughly. After a clinical examination where treatment is proposed we will always give you a detailed treatment plan outlining the costs of the different options. For budgeting purposes the following prices are provided for guidance:

New complete acrylic denture per jaw – From £897
Metal based removable bridge (partial denture) per jaw – From £1030
Temporary acrylic partial denture – From £200.00

If you would like a tooth or clasp addition within 24 hours please note there will be a £37.50 additional charge.
For denture repairs a local pick-up and delivery service is available from £10 per trip.

Take home whitening – £399
This price includes the impression taking, fit and review appointments.
Whitening trays can be made the very next day!

*Please note that if you are not registered with us who will need to have a new patient consultation prior to this appointment.*

Dental Hygiene Charges for Registered Regular Patients
Dental hygiene is a partnership between you and us. Our hygiene team are here to help you to not only maintain a great smile but to equip you with the tools and knowledge to do this at home, thereby minimising dental problems and reducing your costs on ongoing care.

Our initial hygiene visits for new registered patients (after assessment with a dentist) are longer appointments than our standard ongoing dental hygiene appointments. This gives our dental hygiene team the time to not only give your mouth a good clean, but also for them to check and run through your home care routine, tweaking this to minimise future problems, saving you money and time in the future. These appointments are priced at:
Initial routine hygiene appointment – £100.00
Initial simple hygiene appointment – £75.00

General ongoing dental hygiene appointments
Routine hygiene – £70.00
Simple hygiene – £50.00

Direct access hygiene:
For patients not registered and who do not see us for their regular dental care.

Initial Assessment & Hygiene Appointment £110.00
Routine hygiene appointment: £80.00
Simple hygiene appointment – £60.00

Please be aware that on your first visit you will need to come in before to fill in a medical history and any direct access paperwork.

Periodontal (gum) treatment and more specialised gum treatments are tailored to each individual patient depending on individual needs. A quotation for periodontal treatment will be given after case assessment.


White fillings – From £62.00

White crowns – From £500

Bridges – From £305.00 per unit

Veneers – From £500

Dentures – From £245.00

Simple Extraction – £76.00

Surgical Extraction – From £220.00

Root canal therapy – From £258.00
With GDP – Please see our ‘Referral Services Section’ for more detailed pricing on advanced root canal treatment

Referral And Advanced Services

Root Canal Treatment – Upon Referral with Claire Jordan
Consultation and discussion – £55
Full assessment and treatment plan and report (includes all x-rays) – £95

Incisor Root Canal Treatment – £517.00
Pre-Molar Root Canal Treatment – £638.00
Molar Root Canal Treatment – £748.00

Re-Root Canal Treatment including removal of old root filling – Add £150

Post removal, apicectomy, surgical endodontics and other services quoted upon individual basis

Dental Implants & Complex Dental Implant Work – With Phil Bennett

Initial Consultation – £95

Second consultation if recommended – £150
This includes study models and a thorough assessment. This will be refunded from the final implant cost if patient goes ahead with the treatment. 

Single tooth implant from £3100, fully restored including minor bone grafting, membranes, implant and implant crown.

More complex cases including full mouth implants, all on 4, same day teeth, denture stabilisation, sinus lifts and other work quoted on an individual case basis after full clinical assessement.

Smilelign tooth straightening (per arch)

Consultation – £95

Bronze – £1000 – Simple cases involving 3 aligners

Silver – £1500 – Cases involving around 4-6 aligners

Gold – £2000 – Cases involving 7-9 aligners

Platinum – £2500 – This would be cases involving 10+ aligners

*For the gold and platinum plan a complimentary tooth whitening system will be given at the end of treatment*
**Please see below for payment schemes**

Click here for Dental plans

Consultation – £95
Including x-rays if needed

Second consultation if recommended – £150
This includes study models and a thorough assessment. This will be refunded from the final implant cost if patient goes ahead with the treatment. 

Single implant – From £3600
Fully restored with abutment and crown

More complex implant restorations will be quoted for on an individual basis.

Consultation – £95

IV sedation per hour – £200


Panoral x-ray – £15

Prescribed antibiotics – £9.00

Fissure sealants – £29


Fluoride application – £19

Sports gum shields – £70

Nightguard – £90

For large treatment plans we can offer payment schemes where a deposit is taken and payment is spread out throughout the course of treatment. This can be discussed in more detail at our consultation.

The demand for appointments at our practice is high and in order to ensure that we keep waiting times as short as possible and maximise our clinical time, we ask that you give 2 working days’ notice if you are unable to attend. Payment for initial consultations is taken upon booking.

A charge will be made for appointments missed, cancelled or moved at less than 2 working days’ notice.

(View cancellation policy )

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