dental bridge

Missing teeth? – unsightly gaps?

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A dental bridge is a type of dental prosthesis which literally bridges the gap between two teeth. If you have lost one or two teeth to decay or because of an accident, a bridge can make your smile complete again.

Where more than two teeth in a row are missing, and implant-supported bridge may be an option.

Different types of bridge

Bridges come in a variety of materials and finishes.
Metal alloys, porcelain or ceramic. The best material for your bridge will depend on your budget and the position of your teeth.

Fixed bridge

This is the most common type and it provides a strong and durable way to replace missing teeth. Using teeth either side of the gap a bridge is made and placed over the anchor teeth for support. In order for the crowns to fit properly, the anchor teeth must be filed down from their original size s part of the dental bridge procedure. These two teeth have to be strong enough to support the bridge and take the extra biting pressure.

Bonded bridge

When there is only one tooth to replace, your dentist may fit a bonded bridge (also called a Maryland bridge).

Rather than being fitted over the adjacent teeth with crowns, this type of bridge has metal or porcelain ‘wings’ on each side which are bonded to the inner edge of the adjacent teeth.

Removable bridge

These consist of one or more prosthetic teeth fixed to a frame made from plastic and metal which clips around existing teeth.

The versatility of these means they can be made to fit around any number of remaining healthy teeth.

Implant-supported bridge

For patients who are missing several teeth in a row or whose remaining teeth aren’t healthy enough to be used as anchors, bridged implants may be an option. Our dentist can install implants in place of anchor teeth and then fit a bridge (made from two crowns and one or two pontics) over them.
This option is more cost-effective than replacing each tooth with an individual implant, since it uses fewer implants.

Our team of skilled dentists and technicians can provide you with the best options.